The Centralized Library System of Petrogradskiy district of St.-Petersburg
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Our librarians can give you directions and answer any questions you may have about the library and the computer center by telephone (812) 235-35-96 or by E-mail:
The "Open Library World" Information and Game Computer Center offers 6 public-access computers connected to a laser printer, a scanner, and research databases. The Computer Center runs on Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Professional 2000, and Microsoft Office XP. Electronic encyclopedias, reference books, educational programs, dictionaries and games are available.
Children's Department serves children from pre-school to 13. The collection includes over 15,000 books, magazines, cassettes, and CD-ROM software. The Department derives informational and reference support from the information-and-game center - "Open Library World."
The Integrated Communication Center for Children of Working Parents offers:
" individual consultation on how to use library resources for homework assignments;
" how to find information in the library;
" free computer skills courses;
" varied cycles of film demonstrations on defined topics such as: "Fairy Tales and Their Meanings," "Heroes and Antiheroes," "I Learn from the World".
Young Adult Department serves young adults from 14 to 25. The collection includes over 25,000 books of all genres, magazines, and reference materials. Teenagers are offered advice on how to use the library to work on homework assignments and on how to find information in the library. Unlike most libraries in Russia, our students can browse the library shelves to find what they might like.
Our special features:
The "Meetings at the Round Table" integrated communication center, which uses meetings, training, workshops, discussions and role-playing.
The Reading Hall serves all of our customers. The collection contains 12,000 books, magazines, and videocassettes. The reading-hall has got the unique stock of reference literature. We provide advice and consultation on how to prepare written work for colleges and universities and on how to find information about colleges and universities.
The Department of Information and Bibliography provides reference services on topics of interest to the users. The Department publishes reviews of new books.
Our customers are always encouraged to participate in the library's events, which are held in its warm and cozy atmosphere.
The cycle "Learn and change yourself" is very popular among the readers. (Discussions of films and literary works that have been watched and read in our library). Films, lectures on a wide variety of topics of interest to all ages of groups. The employees of the library lead discussions and reading.


The Youth Library named after Gaidar A.P.